Steven Universe - Half-Hour Special Ocean Gem & Mirror Gem (Longer Preview)

Steven Universe is about to change what mysteries will be revealed.Are there more crystal gems?And it’s time for humanity to believe in Steven.
Steven Universe Half-Hour Special Event Thursday September 25 Ocean Gem And Mirror Gem.
Description of the episode: The ocean disappears on the first day of summer and Beach City is in a panic.

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my sister really, really hates when Christmas presents take too long to unwrap




  • so today after I bought her a gift card for her and her husband to her favorite restaurant, I wrapped the box it came in
  • image
  • put it in another box stuffed with tissue paper
  • image
  • wrapped that box
  • image
  • put that box in a bigger box
  • image
  • taped that box shut
  • image
  • wrapped the big box
  • image
  • wrapped it again in tissue paper
  • image
  • put it in a bag filled with tissue paper
  • image
  • and put a bow on it
  • image
  • merry Christmas, I’m an asshole :)

I’m so doing this

I was thinking of you wrapping Kuzco 


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